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Putting Kaguya into Perspective

Uploader: Zulkikus 4 years ago  
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Yup, it's true, they really came from another world. I don't know where Suzaku posted his translation, but I read it some time ago and it really says what we're telling you. Yeah I think people fail to realize that Kaguya was basically just an alien princess who ate a god fruit to become an all powerful goddess to bring peace and end wars. Her main problem was she does not have a genius level intellect but she was shown to have more strategic insight than most fighters from other universes Goku, Superman ,etc and has the means to fight just about anyone 1v1 and give them a fight for their life. They are able to quickly assess someone's techniques and battle strategy and counter it. Slutty cutie getting her anal snatch pumped and taking a creampie right between her tiny pink pussy lips!

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